Meet The Team

Meet The Team

CEO / Show Host

I'm a gamer first and foremost. I have been my entire life. It's why I do what I do, talk to friends, family, even complete strangers about video games. This is my passion! I have been pushing my way into the video game industry since 2012 and never looked back. Covering everything and anything I can to be involved in one way or another with this industry. My own gaming news website, YouTube channel, TV Show, it didn't matter I just want to talk about the very industry I love, with whoever would would like to listen. I have had a lot of help along the way and met a lot of very incredible people who have brought me to where I am today. The future of this industry is bright and with my crew, I am very excited to watch us grow.

Favorite game: Is that even possible? Stealth games, but if I had to pick one.... Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater! Snake? Snake? SNAAAAKE!

Show Host

Hey, I'm Cory! I've been playing video games my whole life. Started with Mario and the original NES and now play most of the new up and coming titles on console!

I generally find myself playing competitive online multiplayer games such as COD, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite and some EA Sports titles. I find the ever changing learning curve to these new shooters keeps the game fresh and my interest in them peaked!

I'm excited to be part of the ITG crew so we can share our love of video games with you guys and keep you up to date with all the latest and greatest there is in this great industry!

Show Host

If I could put my life into 3 words it would be family, friends and video games.  I’ve been playing video games since I was about 4 years old.   I have an incredible family that has always supported me.  My Girl friend (who is family) and I have been dating for many years now, I love her so much.  My awesome friends have also been there through the thick and thin and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for them or my family.  But enough of that, now to the good stuff!  I don’t truly remember the first game I played, but it all started with Wheel of Fortune and some random racing game on PC as well as Mario and others on NES and SNES. Through the years it evolved into playing Starcraft/Warcraft, Age of Empires I & II and N64 to Baldurs Gate(console and PC)Red Faction and Halo.  There are SO many games that I’ve played and love but I couldn’t even fathom trying to pick my favorite.

Playing Heroes III of Might & Magic, Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance, Star Craft, Assassins Creed and Red Faction also deserve the spotlight because those were also some staples of my life.  There are too many games for me to mention so I’ll end with this…just do yourself a favor and play through the Doom (2016) Campaign!

Audio / Visual Technician

I am re-learning the art of gaming. Always loved playing games at a young age. When I got my first commodore 64 and waiting 30 minutes to load a game, to sometimes it not always working at all. I also had a Phillips CDI, my first disc console as it had done Bluth, Dragons Lair that I always remember playing at the arcades, to an Xbox and Nintendo Wii. I was away from gaming for a while, until I met a bunch of guys talking about games they had played, with such passion and energy and excitement, it was like they were talking about a good book they had just read, it gave me the urge to get back into gaming again.

My favorite games are one of choices, like Until Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, and action games like God Of War 3, Destiny 2 and uncharted. One thing I have learnt is there is no age limit to gaming.